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India must stop misleading world and heed Kashmir independence calls

Mar 13. 2019
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Re: “World needs to recognise Pakistan’s double-game,” have Your Say, March 11. 

The Indian Embassy’s letter is typical of the Indian government’s attempts to spread disinformation in order to mislead the international community, and particularly the Indian people for domestic political gains while trying to cover up its failures and embarrassment. 

Immediately after the Pulwama incident, the Indian government rushed to act as the judge, jury and executioner, without carrying out any investigation. Pakistan categorically rejected false Indian accusations about the incident that had indigenous origin. Notwithstanding all this, Prime Minister Imran Khan offered cooperation in investigations and asked for actionable evidence from India. Instead, India resorted to an air intrusion and attempted strike on February 26 in complete violation of the UN Charter and international law. Exercising its right of reprisal, Pakistan acted the next day from within Pakistani airspace by striking Indian non-civilian and non-military targets with clear intent not to cause any damage to life or infrastructure. When India again violated Pakistan’s airspace with belligerent intentions, Pakistan exercised its right of self-defence. As a consequence, two Indian aircraft were shot down and a pilot captured.

Prime Minister Khan returned the Indian pilot as a gesture of peace which was welcomed by the entire international community, with the sole exception of the Indian government. In contrast to Pakistan’s sincere efforts to pacify the situation, India’s belligerent tone continues to be motivated by domestic political considerations and electoral calculations. Pakistan nevertheless will continue to respond with maturity, responsibility, restraint and resolve. 

As for terrorism, India’s double talk and dubious approach have long been exposed – from staging of false flag operations to its direct state involvement in terrorism and sabotage directed at Pakistan, a fact amply demonstrated by the arrest in Pakistan of a serving Indian Navy officer, Kulbhushan Jadhav, working for Indian intelligence. For years, Pakistan has tackled the direct threat of terrorism, including that emanating from India and the elements sponsored and financed by it. The whole world recognises Pakistan’s sacrifices and successful fight against terrorism

Not surprisingly, the Indian Embassy’s letter makes no reference to the situation in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, for it is there that Indian state terrorism has been at work for decades as part of India’s policy of oppression and human rights violations of the Kashmiri people who are only asking for their right tot self-determination. India must listen to the calls of the international community including the UN to immediately stop its atrocities and terror brutalising the innocent Kashmiris. India also needs to be reminded of the solemn pledges and promises of its top leadership to let the Kashmiri people freely decide their future. It is time to fulfil that promise. We expect that India will heed the advice of the international community to de-escalate, and engage in dialogue for a durable solution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions.

Yasir Iqbal Butt

First secretary, Pakistani Embassy  

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