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Have Your Say now a playground for nuclear-armed states

Mar 14. 2019
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Re: “India must stop misleading world and heed Kashmir independence calls”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

We’ve now been treated – if that be the word – to infantile playgroundisms in this column by two mutually antagonistic, nuclear-armed states in a state of chronic bellicosity. That India and Pakistan (I’m naming them alphabetically, to avoid accusations of favouritism) need someone to knock their heads together is beyond dispute. The dangers of military escalation are prevalent, and until they resolve their differences that will be the frightening status quo for the foreseeable future. 

So, instead of trading insults and petty differences, they should get round a table with a neutral, honest broker present and sort their issues out. I know that is easy to say given what’s at stake, but the alternative is too awful to contemplate. 

I’ll readily do the job of mediator, having experience in this capacity. The Nobel Peace Prize would be acceptable to me if it worked, too, and might even keep it out 

of the undeserving hands of you-know-who. 

Dr Frank


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