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China-hating farang are whitewashing their own history

Mar 17. 2019
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Re: “Appalling euphemism for China’s slaughter in Tibet”, Have Your Say, March 15

Again, another farang – Robin Grant – tries to whitewash his ancestors’ crimes by emphasising the damage Beijing did in reorganising Tibet. Yet the damage done to Tibetan temples and lives of monks is tiny when compared to the genocide committed by the UK in ransacking all of the Australian continent or the US in stealing the best part of North America from its indigenous population. 

Again, if his ancestors had not colonised India, the famine of Bengal may not have happened, and if it had happened without being colonised, the Indians would have been responsible themselves and Grant would not need any excuse. 

The Nobel Prize is prestigious, especially in science and medicine. But many Nobel Peace Prize winners have done little to merit the honour, for example Barack Obama did not follow the advice of Dr Linus Pauling about reducing the arms race to save the world, while Aung San Suu Kyi has done nothing to solve the Rohingya crisis. 

 Prasan Stianrapapongs

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