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Prayut caught on tape admitting ineligibility

Mar 19. 2019
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Re: “Is Prayut really eligible to run for prime minister?”, Have Your Say, March 18.

Burin Kantabutra deploys logic in proving that, in three out of the four requirements to be a state official, Prime Minister Prayut fits the bill. On the fourth requirement, to be under the command or supervision of the state, Khun Burin has some doubts. However, these doubts are not shared by Prime Minister Prayut. A video clip circulating on social media shows him at a 2016 press conference declaring, “I am a state official. Do you know the meaning of the word state official?”

The sole aim of the junta is to ensure that the military remains in charge, and they don’t care how flagrantly they discriminate against political parties who refuse to toe the line. Will they succeed? Well, that’s up to the Thai people, at least to some extent. If the pro-junta party loses badly, then the authority of the junta and its backers will be undermined. Anyway, good luck Thailand, I hope a brighter future lies ahead, whatever the result.

Robin Grant



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