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Sneakers simply made for rebelling

Apr 08. 2019
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By The Nation

AsicsTiger relates the rebellion in Japan in the 18th century in a novel way – through its Gel-Kayano trainer editions.

Commoners in the Edo Period were not allowed to experience luxury. Wearing showy, shiny materials or royal colors like purple, red, and gold was prohibited, while the Shogunate’s sumptuary laws prescribed that fabrics could be made only of cotton.

Designed on the theme of “Anarchy in the Edo Period”, the new sneakers express rejection of these restrictions through the fire graphic showing how fires and fistfights are the flowers of Edo. The circle A written in sneakerwolf’s Kanji-Graphy script and artwork drawn with ASICS and used in displays at AsicsTiger’s New York outlet adorn the surfaces of the shoe.

The sneakerwolf defines the artistic value of Edo period script, found on paper lanterns, hanten short coats, sumo characters and kantei script. Created with the pure aesthetic sense of the Japanese people, the theme appears in uniquely Japanese street art. 

By discovering commonalities with graphic art created around script, sneakerwolf has also created his own unique Kanji-Graphy that renders the alphabet in an Edo script style. 

The AsicsTiger Gel-Kayano trainers are available at 24Kilates, Atmos, Beams, Carnival and Seek Embassy.

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