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Sickening West is forcing its medicine down Thai throats 

Apr 10. 2019
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Re: “Beware Giant dictatorships on your doorstep”, Have Your Say, April 8.

Mr Setter distorts the truth when he claims that my Chinese ancestry is irrelevant to discussion about modern China. My ancestral home in eastern China’s Chaozhou was confiscated by the ruling Communist Party (CCP) and handed to poor local families, who eventually left when wealthy enough to buy their own houses. The story reflects the reality of growing development and prosperity that means China does not need to “colonise” or rob its neighbours, as Mr Setter claims.  

Meanwhile, the British ransacking of Malaysia, India, Indochina and Thailand are historical fact, not an absurd accusation that exploits the actions of heretical Tibetan monks (they do not follow Lord Buddha’s teaching) to attack China.

Mr Setter may not know that the half-Chinese King Taksin the Great led the Thai people in recovering our country from Burmese invaders two and a half centuries’ ago.

Most national leaders have made mistakes that cost citizen’s lives. CCP rule may be severe in farang’s (exaggerated) view, yet Abraham Lincoln’s position on slavery also cost hundreds of thousands of Americans’ lives. Ultimately, though, both Lincoln and Mao are praised by their citizens, which is why their portraits still adorn the banknotes.

Again, the CCP is not a charity organisation but a practical system to share inadequate resources among people of a developing country.

Finally, the world’s two main English-speaking countries are now critically ill. The UK is struggling with its Brexit dilemma while the US is facing massive debt, periodic shutdown of its government, is incapable of controlling annual bush fires in California and is unable to protect citizens from rampant mass shootings. Why, then, force Thailand to take medicine to cure your own ailments?

Prasan Stianrapapongs

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