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Navy embarks on yet another fiasco

Apr 18. 2019
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The Thai government has deemed Andrew Elwartowski a threat to Thai society, Thai citizens and national security under Article 12 of the Immigration law because he has anchored a tiny floating structure in international waters off Phuket. He could face the death penalty as a result.

Does anyone notice the extreme nature of the Thai government’s response to this situation? How terrifying it must be to have a farang living freely so close to Thailand. Never mind that there is absolutely no shred of legitimacy to the charges brought against Mr Elwartowski – what is the government so afraid of? 

If Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen had sailed his mega-yacht “Octopus” in international waters, dropped anchor next to Mr Elwartowski and declared he would be staying there indefinitely, would the Royal Thai Navy sink his vessel (if only it were capable), and hang him from the yardarm? 

The Navy has been involved in a number of scandalous incidents over the years, including towing refugees out to sea to die and suing journalists for reporting the truth, but this latest fiasco may top them all.

The ship of fools desperately needs a new captain.

Maritime Mango

Chon Buri


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