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Thailand proves that billionaires make bad politicians

May 06. 2019
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In my opinion, businessmen-turned-politicians are a poisonous mixture for any democratic country. Why? First, the more successful in business the person has been, the less effective he will be as a politician when making decisions to benefit the country as a whole – and not just him alone.

A highly successful businessman can never make even a fairly good politician.

On the contrary, many billionaires in the recent past have proved to be a hindrance, and sometimes a disrupting force, to the democratic system in their own countries.

Secondly, to be a good politician one needs to be trained for a long period of time in that specific field – not just by saying “I am very rich now and am ready for the big job”!

We have seen how billionaires in advanced countries wreak havoc and bring about huge economic losses as well as democratic breakdowns in their countries.

Closer to home, we Thais have seen the division, corruption and distorted democracy Thaksin Shinawatra has introduced to our country. That’s just one billionaire alone.

Hence, only unwise and greedy billionaires enter politics.

Vint Chavala

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