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Patriotism, not money, is the mark of a great leader

May 07. 2019
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Re: “Thailand proves that billionaires make bad politicians”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

This is a sweeping statement with nouns in the plural while the assertion is based essentially on one example.

A country does not need billionaires any more than it needs politicians as leaders, and it certainly does not need politicians that “have been trained for a long period of time”. Currently in the UK, we see democracy being destroyed by died-in-the-wool, self-interested career politicians. Winston Churchill made the point quite simply, and I paraphrase: governments and leaders should place the interests of their country first, their party second and themselves last.

Had Thaksin Shinawatra done that he could have achieved much for Thailand. He is a billionaire, but had he employed his considerable talents to further the development of his country, Thailand would be a leading state in Asia now, not looking for China’s cash to fund a modern rail network.

Contrary to all the false globalist propaganda, a positive example of a billionaire businessman capable of freeing his country of the regressive socialist nonsense of “trained” politicians, is President Donald Trump. He is a 100-per-cent patriot. He doesn’t need the hassle the presidency entails. He could retire into the sunset. But his application of common-sense business principles has achieved the lowest rate of unemployment with a well-financed, thriving economy. He has removed all the economically stifling socialist regulations inherited from his predecessor, lowered tax rates encouraging US capital to return from offshore, and increased GDP growth to well above 3 per cent. And all this in spite of two years of constant attack from the communist 

globalists within and the mainstream media.

The one thing Thailand proved five years ago is that leadership must be patriotic, selfless and act in the interests of the people and the country.

Long live our King,

JC Wilcox

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