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Target on Thanathorn’s back is getting bigger by the day

May 08. 2019
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Re: “Thanathorn’s acid test: The real deal or just another political opportunist?”, Opinion, May 1.

I agree with Tulsathit Taptim that Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroonruangkit is standing at a crossroads. The path he chooses will decide whether he becomes a mere popular politician or a truly great political leader.

Thanathorn seems to have contradicted himself by blaming the military for the political malaise and threatening to cut its budget, while at the same time sympathising with Thaksin Shinawatra and proposing he be granted a retrial despite having already been sentenced for corruption by the Supreme Court.

This seems to be a direct and deliberate affront to the country’s justice system.

Hence, Thanathorn should be more straightforward in expressing his political views, otherwise he will only be painting an even bigger target on his own back.

Vint Chavala

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