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Individual freedom and democracy stem from Christianity

May 09. 2019
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Re: “Clear evidence that Western civilisation is under attack”, Have Your Say, May 3.

As hard as I find it to believe, I am in agreement with JC Wilcox’s contention that the foundations of Western civilisation are Judaeo-Christianity and democracy.

Even he, a believer in Buddhism, can see this!

Many here have mocked those who follow a religion, yet the fact remains that religion influences culture, and vice versa.  

While it is now fashionable in the West to dismiss Christianity as being false and hence something to be forgotten, the fact remains that it cannot be forgotten. By insisting that it is we and we alone who are responsible for our sins before God, Christianity has instilled in Westerners an ethic of individualism and individual responsibility, which in turn has given risen to democratic societies that respect human rights.  

Western societies are free and democratic not in spite of Christianity but because of Christianity. This is something that the thick-headed atheists and haters of religion here fail to fully appreciate.


Khon Kaen


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