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Ridiculous to believe in a benevolent sky-father

May 13. 2019
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Atheists often ask, if there is a God why is there so much injustice. The reason I call myself an agnostic is because I believe the definition of God is open to interpretation.

If you think God is a man who is all-powerful and good, then it doesn’t make sense that there is so much suffering in the world. And it’s a cop-out to say God gave humankind free will. To give one of many examples of how ridiculous that argument is: how can you say a baby who is born with a fatal disease and will die a slow inevitable death is acting upon his free will?

But if you define God as a universal, creative, intelligent force that is beyond scientific explanation, then I do believe in God. In fact it’s childish to assume that unless God is a Gandhi-like figure, spreading peace and love throughout the world, then God couldn’t possibly exist.

Eric Bahrt

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