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Thai tourism industry has a duty to warn female visitors

May 14. 2019
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Re “Hunt for man who raped Norwegian tourist on Koh Pha-ngan” - The Nation, May 13.

So many tourists have been raped. Come on, Thai tourism industry, foreigners are too trusting of Thais and think all Thais are very good decent folk while there are a few who are real criminals and opportunists. Can you please get the message out to the young women who visit on what to look out for when dealing with locals.

Melanie J Denby

I think it’s just common sense to realise that there are good and bad people in every country and in every culture, surely people can’t be that naive in thinking otherwise.

Oscar Chico

You think they are visiting Disneyland? By all means have fun, but keep some common sense. Sometimes people should be responsible for their own actions. Which country doesn’t have rapists, murderers, etc?

Mike King

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