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Three chaiyos for Have Your Say! 

May 16. 2019
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I’m an old guy and I’ve been around the kitchen and the world once or twice. I have seen some good and bad tabloids in my time and come across a few terrible sloppy journalists, but I think The Nation is fantastic.

It is my view that your Letters page is unique in the publishing game. It is imaginative, topical and interactive. Rather than restricting contributors to news of the day you let the chickens range free, and it’s really popular. 

Everyone I know who reads the papers at my favourite coffee shop turns first to read your page rather than the boring stuff on the page up front. 

I don’t know if you are a Thai guy or farang, but what I do know is that you are an excellent journo with a great sense of humour and pretty rare feel for what your readers want and appreciate.

I have just heard the news today that the hard copy Nation will shortly cease to exist. I find this decision quite unfathomable and depressing. I love the smell and feel of newsprint and smile to myself if I detect a touch of ink on my fingertips after my daily flicking through the pages. 

To be honest, an important part of my day will be lost if this loss does actually come about. I don’t think I can bring myself to read The Nation online. 

Whatever the economics, and call me a luddite if you will, but I point-blank refuse to buy a Kindle or notebook and simply will not allow printed media, books or libraries to ever go out of date or fashion. 

They are all food for the mind. 

I don’t know what the circulation is but perhaps this decision is untimely as I feel The Nation was starting to get some traction with its innovative layout and more cerebral approach to news.

I think it’s a sad day.

Stephen Soul

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