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Eek! Are expat retirees doomed to extinction?

May 16. 2019
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Re: The mandatory health insurance rule

We are three old expats (actually, we’re ancient) who are considerably worried about the new mandatory health insurance rule for old long-term resident expats.

We’re all over 75, and no insurance company worth its salt would ever insure us. Even if they did, the premiums would be unaffordable.

We suspect that the rude fact that nobody will insure us does not let us off the hook. We would probably be expected to manufacture insurance out of thin air.

We have thought of applying for exemptions on the grounds that we are all National Treasures, but we fear that such requests might meet some resistance in certain quarters.

Another thought: If we could mobilise sufficient oldies in the same situation, we might commit mass suicide in front of the Immigration Bureau to draw international attention to our plight. We favour the method of dousing ourselves with kerosene and setting ourselves on fire that was popularised by Vietnamese monks during the Vietnam War. That might draw international attention, but for some reason it seems to be self-defeating. It might even draw applause from certain quarters.

Are we doomed? Looks like it. Stay tuned.

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