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What’s wrong with putting tragic Phoenix back into service?

May 23. 2019
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Re: “Tragic Phoenix goes up for auction”, The Nation, May 21. 

In my opinion it should be dropped back into the ocean as a memorial to those who lost their lives on it. Eventually it would become an artificial reef for tropical fish and other sea creatures. 


In fact, it’s been reported many times that the vessel breaks many rules and laws in terms of it’s design, construction and more. So how can the authorities allow it to be sold as is? Is this not also breaking the law? It most likely would be bought for its scrap value as the vessel would never receive a certificate for carrying freight never mind passengers.


Totally shocked this ship wasn’t sunk in deep water. The Japanese ship Ehime Maru on which nine students were killed when it was hit by a US submarine in 2001 was towed underwater to a spot closer to home, where it was left as a protected grave site. The Phoenix can only be scrapped or else it will haunted forever by the dead. So sorry to see this tragedy on public display. 


It’s just a boat, not a cemetery.

If all inanimate objects involved in deaths were turned into memorials for the departed, this country would be choked with funeral sites on every street corner. Buddha would be struggling for space.

The victims of the tragedy were all recovered and have, no doubt, been interred in Chinese cemeteries for their relatives to commemorate them.

The hull seems to be sound and, with repairs, some design changes, appropriate ballast, pumps and engines it could be a valuable tourist boat.

I would think it will eventually be put into service in another country hidden from the superstitions of Thais and many Thai expats. 

Old Croc

The Nation/ThaiVisa

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