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Nation reporters also stood up to junta – and paid for it

May 27. 2019
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Re: “Not The Nation’s fault the leopard didn’t change its spots”, Letters, The Nation Weekend, May 25-26.

Like S Tsow, I don’t recall The Nation greeting the junta with open arms after it took power. I do recall reading numerous editorials in your paper critical of junta policies and I know one of your editors was held in custody for a week for “attitude adjustment”. 

In any case, I believe my views have been vindicated since I said from day one that the military coup was all about political power and had nothing to do with restoring law and order. Law and order could have been achieved by simply declaring marshal law.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

Editor’s note: Nation senior reporter Pravit Rojanaphruk was summoned twice by the military junta for sessions of so-called “attitude adjustment”.

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