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Architects go green

May 28. 2019
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Environmental problems are negatively affecting so many aspects of our lives yet most people don’t really know what they should to address these issues.

The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage and NCC Exhibition Organiser are determined to set that right and be more mindful of the natural environment and sustainable living choices. Their latest effort includes the “Architect ’19” on the theme, “Living Green”, which created an awareness regarding social roles and responsibility among architectural practitioners in solving these pressing environmental problems while urging the changes through design and architecturerelated materials.


The recently held Architect ’19 offered a “green experience” through both the thought-provoking exhibitions and the design of the expo itself. At the expo, the green exhibition structures became a focus of attention. The Paper Tube Pavilion was built of eco-friendly, cost-saving materials and could be reinstalled and recycled while the effective management of the exhibition showcased the best pieces of advice about environmentally conscious practices and solutions to environmental problems.


For instance, the shuttle van service was arranged to reduce the use of personal cars, contributing to less energy consumption. To register for attending the expo, visitors were asked to scan the QR Code and update the programme schedule on their ASA mobile application. The aim was to go paperless with the use of digital technology.


Food at the expo was served in containers that are either reusable or biodegradable. Another attempt to reduce plastic waste was to provide the drinking water refill stations so that visitors could bring their own cup or bottle to avoid single-use bottled water and energy use for waste disposal.

The expo also considered energy efficient air conditioning. By not setting the temperature too low, the power generation capacity from the air conditioning system could be reduced. These small eco-friendly practices employed in every detail of the event helped alleviate the environmental problems. 


The exhibitors at the Architect ’19 willingly endorsed this green concept, showcasing green products and innovative technologies while embracing this year’s Expo concept in their booth design. 

Architect ’19 also featured wide-ranging highlights, aimed at raising environmental awareness, among them the Green Building Showcase which exhibited green building initiatives from Thai and international designers selected from 21 Arcasia member countries.


Held by the Thai Health Promotion Center, the Zero Waste exhibition revealed customer behaviour and information on waste management. It encouraged individuals to be conscious of trash they make and find ways of reducing and sorting their trash each day. The goal is to decrease CFC gas caused by waste and to reduce the ocean and water source waste. The Innovative Green Product zone, meanwhile, showcased ecofriendly building material innovation.


The exhibition of ASA International Design Competition 2019 this year was dedicated to the theme “Uncanny Sustainability” aiming to seek sustainable, transformative design ideas that can be further developed. Besides, the Expo offered a consultant corner to give advice and share expertise in energy-saving and eco-friendly housing design and construction.


Architect’20 will return next year between April 28 and May 3 on the concept “Heritage”.

For more information, visit or Facebook: ASA CREW.


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