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Thai discovery may herald high-tech revolution in supernatural science

Jun 13. 2019
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Re: “Villagers in Khon Kaen falling for so-called healing plastic card,” Thailand”, June 13.

It is heart-warming to see that superstition is going high-tech in Thailand. For some time, many Thais have believed that certain phenomena could give them the winning lottery numbers: strange configurations in tree bark, or oddly shaped plants, or the licence-plate numbers of high-ranking aristocrats. The winning numbers were also thought to be revealed in dreams, or to prescient monks.

Now, with the discovery of plastic cards whose mere touch can heal ailments and relieve pain, superstition has made a quantum leap into space-age thinking, thus transforming itself into a respectable field of discourse. As such, it needs a less pejorative and more prestigious name. So let’s not call it superstition. That is an insulting, ugly, low-class word with primitive connotations. Call it supernatural science.

Sceptics will ask what gives these plastic cards their miraculous healing power. I too thirst to know. Once the secret is discovered, I have no doubt that technology will develop the relevant apps. Soon the mere touch of a smartphone will cure suffering humans of potentially fatal conditions like heart disease, brain tumours and cancer. Steve Jobs would be proud.

Now if we can only develop a card that will give the winning lottery numbers, supernatural science will score its greatest triumph. Surely that will signal the arrival of the kingdom of heaven.

Ye Olde Pedant

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