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Ingredients for a great leader: patriotism and discernment 

Jun 18. 2019
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Re: “Comparing Trump with Lee would horrify proud Singaporeans”, Have Your Say, yesterday. 

By stating that I am “not someone you can productively approach with a counter-argument”, the writer only confesses he hasn’t got a counter-argument and admits intellectual defeat. He prefers instead to resort to the same old indoctrinated anti-Trump status with the same old parroted chatter about a porn star. The letter also implies that Trump told not some or many, but precisely 10,000 lies in three years, and goes on to confuse the Trump charity with the corrupt Clinton Foundation that is now under Justice Department investigation. 

How about some Singaporeans coming forth with a counter-argument?

Any responsible person who has had to cope with the irrationality of pubescent teenagers will appreciate that with which President Trump is faced on a daily basis. The anti-Trump brigade, in particular the Democrat Party, are so lacking in intellect that, like parrots in a cage, they feed on crumbs of character foibles tossed to them by the Globalist-controlled mainstream media. Unlike parrots, though, their entrapment is cerebrally self-imposed.

Fools judge a book by its cover while others who do read fail to pick up the theme expressed by the author. The enlightened, meanwhile, base their informed opinion on the theme of the book. Lee and Trump had different-coloured hair and eyes and were raised in very different environments, but that is not a basis on which to make judgement. If one reads their writings it is clear that, in essence, they share the same virtues and values although from very different historical perspectives.

While Singapore and the US have nothing in common in any way, the two great leaders shared patriotism and an understanding of their country’s strengths and weaknesses. In the interests of their peoples, they strengthened or eradicated the weaknesses and bolstered the strengths. 

JC Wilcox

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