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Or simply tell Alexa what you want with the new Jabra Elite 85H headphones



JABRA ELITE 85h is an award-winning pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones with SmartSound technology for both wireless calls and the very best music experience.
The phones have won several awards for their technology and design, including the Best Headphones of CES 2019 award and CES Editors’ Choice Awards: The best and coolest tech to expect in 2019 from USA Today.
Certainly, the SmartSound technology has a lot going for it. It uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the sound environment and automatically applies personalised audio, Smart Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and HearThrough settings to optimise best sounds depending on the situation.

Jabra SmartSound is based on audEERING’s context intelligence technology, which uses real-time acoustic scene analysis of environmental sounds. The technology can detect more than 6,000 unique sound characteristics and uses these to adapt audio output to each specific context. This means that when moving from a noisy train station into a quiet train carriage, the context intelligence technology will take notice and automatically adjust the audio to the changed surroundings. It will select one of the three moments: “Commute”, “In Public” or “In Private” to guarantee a consistent quality for your audio experience. 
You can also personalise your calls and music settings even further by using Jabra’s Sound+ app, which will remember your preferred settings within the mode for future similar situations.
When SmartSound is active, the Elite 85h’s microphones will make a short recording for the AI to analyse and automatically change the settings profile – Moments as they are known – within the Jabra Sound+ app. When SmartSound is not active, you can change Moments manually in the Sound+ app. Or you can change the sound profiles by using the Sound Mode button on the left ear cup.
The SmartSound technology is really useful especially when you walk out from your quiet room into a street. It will switch from the In Private mode to In Public Mode. When the headphones are in the In Private Mode, it turns off Active Noise Cancellation and HearThrough modes to focus on sound quality. In HearThrough, the headphones allow you to hear surrounding ambient noises, for example vehicles coming up behind you.

The Elite 85h is 100 per cent hands-free with Alexa. You no longer need to touch a button on the headphones to interact with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant - all you need to do is speak and you’ll be connected immediately. Jabra is the among the first to feature this capability, allowing you to access Alexa by invoking the wake word. You can also press the voice button on the right ear cup to activate the voice assistant feature or mute microphones of the headphones.
During the test, I found that the SmartSound effectively detected that I was in a room and switched to In Private mode to yield good music sound quality.
The good sound quality came from custom-engineered 40mm drivers. I found that the headphones reproduced clear instrument sounds with good details and powerful bass.
And thanks to the adjustable headband, the headphones were comfortable to wear for hours on end.
I also found the Elite 85h’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) worked efficiently. The Digital Hybrid ANC uses four of the headphones’ eight microphones to cancel the noise. And for making calls, the Elite 85h uses advanced six-microphone call technology for crystal-clear sound. The technology also blocks out wind noise and background distractions.
And the Elite 85h is engineered to withstand the weather. The nano-coating of the internal components, combined with a two-year warranty against water and dust means you can be confident your headphones are ready for rainy days.
The headphones come with sensors that recognise when you remove them from your ears. With the smart sensors, the headphones automatically power on when the earcups are rotated to the wearing position and the Elite 85h automatically powers off when earcups are folded flat.
The Elite 85h is designed to allow you to conveniently control music playback and calls. The multi-function button is located in the middle of the right earcup with the volume up and down buttons above and beneath, allowing you to conveniently adjust volume and play music and answer calls.
You press the multi-function button to play or pause the music. And when there is an incoming call, you can choose to press multi-function button or just say “Answer” to accept it. Then, you press the multi-function button again to end a call. If you want to reject an incoming call, double-press the multi-function button or say “Ignore”.

You press and hold the Volume up button to skip to the next track, the Volume down button to restart the current track or press and hold it twice to play the previous track.
When not listening to music or not on a call, you can press the Volume up and Volume down at the same time to hear the battery and connection status of the headphones.
You can recharge the headphones’ battery by connecting a USB-C charging cable to the port on the right earcup of the Elite 85h.
The Elite 85h’s battery can last up to 36 hours on a single charge with ANC function turned on. It also comes with fast charging technology that allows you to have five hours of battery from just 15-minute of charging. But if the battery runs out, you can also connect the headphones with the provided audio cable. A 3.5mm audio jack port is located on the right earcup.
Jabra Elite 85h is available in Black, Beige, and Navy for Bt10,990 from RTB Technology and can be bought at iStudio, iStudio 7, .Life,, Shoppe, Lazada and

Key specs:
Speakers: 40 mm customengineered speakers
SmartSound: Audio that automatically adapts to your surroundings
100percent handsfree: Voice Assistant access without pushing a button
Battery: Up to 32hour battery with ANC activated and 35 hours without ANC
Microphones: 8 microphones in total. 6 dedicated for calls, 4 for ANC and 2 hybrid mics for both calls and ANC.
Durability: Unique IP52 dust and rain resistance, backed by a 2year warranty against water and dust
Weight: 296 g
In the Box: Headset, USBC cable, audio cable, flight adapter, carrying case

Published : June 21, 2019

By : Paisal Chuenprasaeng The Nation Weekend