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Mamba! Thailand needs Stephff’s biting satire 

Jun 23. 2019
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I have been reading The Nation, along with other local English-language news, since I arrived in Thailand eight years ago. I am saddened at the decision to stop printing the paper at the end of this week. As a journalist myself, I couldn’t feel worse about the state my profession is in right now.

I also hear rumours that the cartoons of Stephane “Stephff” Peray will no longer appear in The Nation’s online edition when the paper ceases printing. I can understand that the situation demands changes, but I have to say this is a really bad decision.

Stephff is one of the most brilliant cartoonists working in Asia, and there is no question that he has both a broad knowledge and unique and intelligent view of Thailand. Thus to exclude him form your online journal would be an extremely bad option. 

The original cartoons of Stephff are a main reason why many of us read The Nation. And we would continue to enjoy them if they were published in the online version of the paper. So, please rethink any plans you might have to get rid of Stephff. Politics in Thailand is quite depressing, so we need something to cheer us up. Great cartoons are the answer.

Luis Garrido-Julve

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