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Timepiece for the highest flyers

Jun 25. 2019
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A new limited-edition citizen watch pays tribute to the US Blue Angels squadron

SIRINYA Mahadumrongkul, scion of the C Thong Panich family, sole distributor of Citizen’s sole distributor in Thailand, and an aviator in her own right having recently completed training with the RTAF Civil Flying Division on a CT4, was the guest of honour at the recent launch of the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Sky Blue Angel.

The limited edition timepiece, inspired by the brave pilots of the US Blue Angel Navy Squadron, was tested by Sirinya during her flights, making her the ideal person to talk about its performance and practical functions. 

The radio-controlled watch can receive signals from the Atomic Clock, which is the most accurate time keeper in the world with a deviation of no more than one second in the 100,000 years period. 

“It comes with a handy perpetual calendar, a performance chronograph accurate in 1/100 second increments up to 24 hours, offers world time across 43 cities and is designed to instantaneously correct and adjust time when radio signals are received in Japan, USA, China and Germany. The brilliant blue-yellow crystal is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass and reflective coating, and the case is engraved with the Blue Angels squadron’s logo. Moreover the stainless-steel case makes it an everyday timepiece in terms of performance and style,” she told guests at the launch.

And of course, the model also offers the Citizen proprietary Eco-Drive light technology timepiece that can receive any types of light. 

The brand took the opportunity to introduce its new presenter, actor Prin “Mark” Suparat, noting that his adventurous lifestyle responds to the image the brand. 

“As a world-class watch brand for the past 100 years, and a philosophy “Better Starts Now”, being a presenter empowers me to do something different. I like to drive bur for me the most impressive part of being Citizen’s presenter for me is to have the opportunity to fly the Diamond DA-42 jet, That’s a real honour as being a pilot was always one of my dreams,” Marks says. 

“For me, flying a plane is about being consciousness, concentrated, and always planning. We must be ready at all times. And a glance at a watch that gives off no reflection can be really can be helpful when you need to make split-second decisions,” Sirinya adds.


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