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Artists interpret ‘Better Together’ in hospital fundraiser for Ramathibodi Foundation

Jul 09. 2019
Nualtong and Pattreeda Prasarnthong,  ML Chiratorn  Chirapravati, and Somnuek Klangnok
Nualtong and Pattreeda Prasarnthong, ML Chiratorn Chirapravati, and Somnuek Klangnok
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By The Nation

Four leading artists will collaborate with the Ramathibodi Foundation in its charitable campaign this year, “Giving and Happiness 4”.

All proceeds from the sale of collectable gifts will be donated to aid in the purchase of medical supplies including ventilators, surgical tools, and a variety of X-ray machines among other items, for Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute (CNMI). The institute is short upwards of Bt1.4 billion needed to operate at full capacity. 

Punsiree Kunakornpaiboonsiri

The recently launched campaign features the work of four renowned artists led by ML Chiratorn “Kru Toh” Chirapravati, and including Somnuek “Kru Parn” Klangnok, Pattreeda “Pang” and Nualtong “Nual” Prasarnthong, who showcase their signature artistic strokes in a variety of products. 

“Throughout the 50 years of the Ramathibodi Foundation, we have received an invaluable amount of goodwill from donors and volunteers from all walks of life, gathered together in giving back,” says Punsiree Kunakornpaiboonsiri, managing director of the foundation. “Charitable gifts also act as another method to give back. Therefore, I’d like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the four artists who give of their time to design these charitable gifts every year.

Punsiree continues, “I whole-heartedly believe that everyone who purchases these items has the same intention in wanting to help ailing patients. Therefore, the Foundation would like to make sure that the items they purchase are beautiful, and will give them or their loved ones happiness when received.” 

This year’s theme, “Better Together”, celebrates coming together to aid in prolonging longevity and was the inspiration for each artist’s individual designs and interpretations. 

“When we are with someone, sometimes we don’t need to say the words ‘I love you’, and vice versa for them. We feel this love in many ways. The illustration that I designed reflects this idea that love doesn't have to be verbally expressed, but rather felt,” says artist ML Chiratorn.

Somnuek’s “Cocoon Angels” work, with interlocked arms and a beaming heart, is inspired by the idea that the act of giving will create an angel’s heart in the giver.

“With the linked arms, walking together hand in hand, it is even more powerful. I would like to invite everyone to join hands in purchasing these gifts decorated with the Cocoon Angels print, and hope that every time these items are used you can’t help but smile, knowing you were involved in giving back.”

Pattreeda was inspired by “the increase of energy when you are holding hands. I decided to use bold colours so that when you see or receive the items, you are uplifted by the colours.”

Nualtong’s illustration features two women holding hands while seeming to dance. “I wanted to show that by holding hands, happiness is transmitted to both the giver and receiver, like when we are dancing.”

This year’s charitable gifts include notebooks, T-shirts, bags, two-in-one pillow blankets and many other items. The prices range between Bt69 and Bt399. They are available at Ramathibodi Foundation online at Donation can also be made to the following bank accounts: Siam Commercial Bank account No 026-3-05216-3 and Bangkok Bank account No 090-3-50015-5.

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