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US-based DJ Cash Money in Bangkok on August 17 at CHOW Cafe & Bar, near Metropole Hotel

Aug 13. 2019
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For more than three decades since 1984, the Philadelphia-based DJ Cash Money has pioneered the art of turntablism with the likes of many American colleagues and artists. Now it is time for the Thai audience to enjoy his award-winning performances while being impressed with his decades-long experiences.

WHEN: August 17, 2019

WHERE: 2802 CHOW Cafe & Bar/Metropole Hotel ( Thonglor Pier ) Thong Lor / New Petchaburi Road 10110 Tel 02 318 2273


DJ Cash Money's pioneering musical arts had seen his roles with famous artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, MC Kool Breeze Steve, MC Marvelous and DJ Grand Wizard Rasheen. Becoming a cultural icon in the DJ world, DJ Cash Money has been known in the industry as a DJ, turntablist and producer. He has produced tracks and remixed for world famous artists Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Public Enemy, Mantronix and PM Dawn.


The 55-year-old is known as the undisputed champion on the turntables as the only DJ to win, within the same year, all three DJ championships for the New York Music Seminar DJ Battle, The DMC American DJ Championships and the DMC World DJ Championships in London. He is the first DJ inducted into Technics DJ Hall of Fame.

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