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Talented designer draws on creatures caught in fishing nets for his prize-winning collection 

Sep 23. 2019
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By The Nation

As efforts to drive awareness of waste utilisation, especially PET plastic, which can be recycled into fibres and resins for use in various industries continue throughout Thailand, Indorama Ventures has announced the winner of its RECO Young Designer Competition 2019.

This year the prize goes to Settawut Nampunya for his “Silent Killer” collection under the Re-wear theme. 

Settawut, who is of course delighted with the recognition by largest upcycling design competition in Thailand, told reporters that his collection was inspired by images of ocean animals entangled in manmade marine trash and reflected the importance of recycling as a significant means of solving the world’s waste problem.

Aradhana Lohia Sharma, vice president at Indorama Ventures said, “Since 2011, IVL has been hosting the RECO Young Designer Competition, which aims to support and uplift recycling, as well as to promote a mindset of utilising PET materials responsibly and efficiently. Over the years, we have witnessed many thoughtful initiatives on upcycling through the collections created by our talented young designers. As the Thailand’s largest upcycling design competition, RECO will continue to raise more awareness and understanding of the need to manage waste, which plays a vital role in creating environmental sustainability.”

The judge Indorama’s assistant vice president Naweensuda Krabuanrat was vocal in her praise. “Every team joining this year’s competition is very talented. We have been amazed by the great effort and creativity of the contestants over the three months of the competition, from screening more than 200 design pieces to selecting 30 teams, who were given the chance to join our workshops to further develop their work with experts; until we were able to select 10 finalists whose apparel are showcased in the finale fashion show.”

“The most outstanding design that well addressed this year’s theme of Re-wear belongs to Settawut with his collection 'Silent Killer'. The key is his creativity in utilising discarded materials, such as bag straps, polyester yarns, and DEJATM – IVL's fibre made of 100-per-cent recycled PET plastic with photochromic colours. Also, outfits in this collection can be worn on various occasions: he gives us casual-wear, cocktail-wear and catwalk-wear. Importantly, such creative works by young designers demonstrate that recycled materials can be utilised in daily-life products and the Circular Economy is achievable.” Naweensuda added.

The first runner-up prize went to Nitiwat Sakulsriprasert for his “Re-Bornless" collection and the second runner-up to Pawit Prawat for a collection named “Super Ultra Re-wear".

“I am so delighted and grateful for IVL’s visionary ambition to raise the issue of making waste valuable. The RECO Young Designer Competition provides good opportunities for us to explore new ideas. My collection portrays the fact that human are killers, intentionally or unintentionally. During design development, I recalled photos of turtles and seals entangled in fishing nets causing their suffering and death, which inspired me to create layers made of recycled yarns as part of this collection. I would like to thank all judges for your thoughtful advice and recognition,” Settawut said.

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