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O&B stirs cosmic hearts with Audrey Sailor Moon collection

Sep 23. 2019
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By The Nation

Inspired by all-time favourite manga “Sailor Moon” O&B has launched a special collection, the “Audrey Sailor Moon”, decorated with crystal hearts of the characters, in an official licensed collection from the Japanese brand.

Rarin Thongma, the CEO of Christina Grey Group Ltd, the manufacturer and distributor of O&B shoes popular with Thai women, recently organised a party, “Sailor Moon x O&B” at the O&B shop at The Emporium. The site was transformed into the realm of Sailor Moon, exuding feminine vibes with a light pink theme and O&B’s delicate style. The guests were welcomed with Japanese electronics music by a live DJ, and the extravagant entrance was decorated with chiffon fabric printed in a moon motif and Sailor Moon’s wand. It was covered by blooming roses, and all was under the highlight of a large crescent moon as seen in the cartoon.

Rarin Thongma

The signature Audrey flats are made with soft, buttery lambskin. The collection features comfy flats that will see you through the day, with a Cosmic Heart that will melt the heart of Sailor Moon fans. There are five designs boasting different colours and embroidery designs. Usagi Dream features a rose gold colour which symbolising the moon or Sailor Moon, with the signature heart motif. Tuxedo Rose is inspired by the Tuxedo Mask's trademark red rose and decorated with dazzling stars. Black Luna features black colour inspired by Luna, Usagi’s black guardian cat, and is decorated with adorable cat motifs. Silver Crystal comes in hologram silver, inspired by Moon Crystal Power Makeup that gives Usagi power to transform into Sailor Moon. The design features cute ribbons. The last design is Moon Tiara in bright yellow, inspired by Sailor Moon’s Moon Tiara Boomerang, her signature healing attack. This design comes with a crescent moon motif.

Every design in the premium collection illustrates Sailor Moon’s character, and comes with a ribbon in the same colour as the shoe, along with Sailor Moon’s famous quote, “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you”. 

Actress Natapohn Tameeruks, said, “I grew up watching Sailor Moon and I was such a big fan. I remember falling in love with it the first time I watched it, from the appearance and the transformation moves of the characters. I am excited to see O&B bring elements of the manga to its comfortable shoes, decorated with the Cosmic Heart Compact. I know Sailor Moon fans will be as excited as I am about this collection and won’t miss a chance to buy it.”

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