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Vegetarian restaurants in Yala prepare for annual festival

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Vegetarian food shops in Yala are gearing up for the upcoming Vegetarian Festival, a 10-day period of observance among Buddhist, starting tomorrow which also coincides with the festival of the tenth month in the South.



Workers at Cham J shop, a vegetarian food restaurant on Sri Bamrung Road, Yala Municipality were seen cleaning up the premises, washing and wiping in preparation for annual event.
Pichit Wilai-anchalee, owner of J food shop, said he had prepared the tables, cleaned food cabinets, chairs, tables, dishes, bowls, glasses and cups, ready to serve those observing the religious practice.
Despite higher vegetable prices, most food stalls would be selling dishes at the existing prices throughout the 10-day period.
Some customers would buy vegetarian food to make merit.
The shop will open earlier at 6 am tomorrow until October 7. After that, there will be a donation campaign for the underprivileged.

Published : September 29, 2019

By : The Nation