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Curaprox shakes up premium tooth care market

Oct 09. 2019
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By The Nation

Curaprox, a Swiss oral care brand overseen by Curaden (Thailand) Ltd is aiming to increase its market share with a bold move targeted at affluent consumers.

The brand has seen a 300-per-cent year on year growth by emphasising the product’s distinction and positioning itself as true oral-care expert, according to a Wednesday release. Now it is launching new marketing activities, along with the Curaprox mobile application as a new touch point loaded with privileges to better serve health conscious consumers who looks for the best there is.

Ekasit Noncie, the managing director of Curaden (Thailand) Ltd, said the brand’s rise is due to Curaden envisioning a healthier world. “A world in which passionate dental professionals, clued-up consumers, and attractive, effective and safe products work hand in hand for the healthier individual.”

Curaprox operates under the Curaden AG umbrella, which was founded in 1954 in Switzerland. And Curprox has adopted this vision since 1972, in a stylish way. The company has been focusing on sharing personal care insights and promoting dentist-patient relationship in 75 countries around the world, including the past in the past two years in Thailand through an official distributor. Curaden AG has now moved forward with a joint venture deal that gives birth to Curaden (Thailand) Limited.

The main strategy is to market products by supporting consumers with facts as well as working with dentists, healthcare facilities and educational institutions nationwide. For 2020-2021, the emphasis will be on communicating the brand by fostering first-hand product experience. Those people who earnestly live their lives with quality can truly appreciate the product and its philosophy, said the release.

In retail, no direct competitor has yet existed in this market territory, but the company is adding more sales channels online that will match the lifestyle of affluent customers with special privileges and more personalised information.

The brand’s major emphasis is the toothbrush category, which comes in more than eight options differentiated by treatments, such as toothbrushes for braces, toothbrushes for primary teeth, toothbrushes for mixed dentition and toothbrushes for use after surgery or radiation treatment.

“The premium oral-care market in Thailand as a whole seems to be increasing continuously in value at least 15 per cent a year due to various contributing factors,” Ekasit said. “Advances in medical research and technology as well as manufacturing processes, increasing lifestyle-based sales channels and changing consumer behaviours prompt better responses to product innovation. Many brands are adding a wider range to their product line-up, and consumers can expect to see more products being marketed to them. So Curaprox moves forward with marketing to meet customers' post-purchasing needs, facilitates an exchange of oral-care information and adds another convenient sales channel to our arsenal.”

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