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New Bao Bao Issey Miyake collection hits the stores

Oct 28. 2019
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By The Nation

This latest series of the popular bags is inspired by the marks that tyres leave on the road and combines the letters "B", "A" and "O" on the sawtooth streaks in 3 bright colors: Black Mix, Mix Beige and Multicolor.

The bucket bag, which comes with an equilateral triangle at its base, can open up to form a three-dimensional shape and increase the space inside or be folded flat for a compact design. Ears and straps are made of leather for a more luxurious look and come in mixed gray and khaki mix.

The bags in the Lucent series, meanwhile, boast a camouflage pattern with a texture similar to twill fabric and are available in red, magenta, beige, dark green, violet.

Also likely to be popular are the bags with a drawstring. The weight of the bag closes the mouth of the bag automatically when slung over the shoulder, adding dimension to the triangles and creating a charming round shape. They are available in gray x purple, beige x light green and brown x black.

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