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What is Jin Wellness?

Dec 02. 2019
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By Thonburi healthcare group.
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We are at the Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, the flagship of Thonburi healthcare group.

How is it different from other hospitals in the network.

Dr.Thanatip: In our health group, we have 8-9 hospitals. However, this new hospital is especially designed for medical tourism. There are many centres of excellence. Today, we are taking you for a tour of Jin Wellness

And now we are at Jin Wellness clinic. There is another doctor here who will provide us with information. 

What is Jin Wellness?

Dr Om: the Jin Wellness was founded to promote health and solve health problem of patients who wants to have a well-being life. A short definition is ‘The best of what you are’. For example, if you had a chronic disease and have reviewed your life that you have to change your diet, sleep behaviour, etc, you need help, please come to us. We will provide care and advice for you by finding the best approach to help you recover.

That’s great. Who should come to wellness clinic?

Dr.Om: I would like to say everybody.

Dr.Om: everybody with a mindset for a well-being life. When I ask people to raise their hand if they see themselves as a strong person. There were many people, even when they were not sick, felt their health wasn’t that good ...

Well if I were one of them, I would too.

Dr.Om: Some had chronic fatigue syndrome. Some had a negative result in blood lab test or imbalance health problem. All of these problems could be solved through wellness. This help maintains their life quality during recovery and making life better.

It means whether you were sick or still strong, you can come to this clinic

Dr Om: even when you are not sick, you can come for a health check-up. We have a six-step health analysis which is one of our wellness programmes and the highlight. Before any analysis, we have to understand the patient's lifestyle, mental health and diet portion which would affect the blood test. We found that it took many visits before the patient is familiar with their doctor and tell the truth which helps in the analysis. Sometimes it took hours before they started to open up. This programme is a short-cut for understanding patients deeply and truly in order to solve the problems.

Like getting doctor and patient to know each other and find the same tune.

Dr Om: Yes. They have to understand each other first. Patients should tell their intention. Some want to improve their performance such as pilot or athletic who are already in good condition but want a better record. They want to enhance their ability.

Dr Thanatip : Some want to climb mountains. Some want to visit the north pole.

Dr Om: Do you believe that a senior person, aged 70, still want to go hiking more. Then, we have to design a nutrition programme including IV Nutrition and nutrition calculation, like daily proteins consumption or sleep hours to enhance their ability. Next group is people who are sick. They felt blue or sad, we will use the 'enlight' method. Enlighten the best of what you are. Some patients suffer from dementia and depression. Sometime, a caregiver could not find a way to help people, such as grandmother and grandfather, to have a well being or at least sleep enough at night, we will enlight them.

They will continue to get better slowly but we will help with they could do. Like a support team. After entering six analysis programmes to know their status and performance, they can step further to the wellness check-up programme. We also have a programme to take care of the brain such as brain health check-up. Since our main strategic focus is on the hospital, We’re going to teach our staff on how to properly eat and workout to change their lifestyle. More, you can invite your relatives here for a better understanding of their health problems. Another programme is the Wellness heart programme. We will coordinate with cardiologists to study heart performance since we have to be highly concerned about it. Many have sudden death syndrome even at a young age. Our patients mainly want to check for sure. Next is the Wellness check-up programme for immune system. Nobody wants to have cancer. Buy some already got one but don’t know how to deal with. We have a programme to find out White blood cells’ performance which can eliminate cancer cells. Also there is the programme we designed for allergy and intestine check-up for people allergic to something or have poor digest systems. It is designed for kids who grow slow and elderly persons who have digestion problems. This is a programme specially designed for intestine care.

So there are four health check-up packages.

Dr Om: Yes. Four health check-up packages that we have already launched. According to my experience in the field for more than 10 years, these are major care that could help many patients. Whatever package you should, it will help you to have a well being for life.

You did mention IV Nutrition. What is it?

Dr Om: IV Nutrition is the process of administering nutrients into a vein directly into the bloodstream. The one we use in the programme is verified through research and very safe. It will increase whatever is lacking in the patient such as vitamins. Some need inflammation treatment. Some need to balance their digestion systems. We use this to increase the effectiveness of treatment .

This is one of the service provided here?

Dr.Om: Yes. One of them.

Dr Om: Sure. We have a wellness check-up - the six steps analysis which is a programme to find health problems. We also have IV nutrition therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and health discussion with doctor. Sometimes we provide art and music therapy workshop.

Can we talk to Dr Om directly.

Dr Om: Sure. Let’s talk to find out what do you need. When you found the problem then we would design a personal life wellness programme for you.

Dr.Thanatip: Yes. The concept of a clinic is to diagnoses the symptom, a doctor might give you medicine and mostly talk about the problem. However, our clinic in Rangsit area, the Jin Wellness clinic, is a large facility and wellness centre. Like a big resort with many facilities. There is Hydrotherapy where the pool can change water temperature. It is large enough for a wheelchair. And cooking class, music therapy, and Fitness centre. The target group is people who want to slow down and enjoy life.

Well that is all information we need about Jin Wellness clinic. Thank you for Dr.Om and Dr.Thanatip.

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