Monday, June 14, 2021


Virus in tears? Little to cry about

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A recent report cited by the World Health Organisation saying the SARS virus was found in a patient’s teardrops has many people asking if Covid-19 dwells there too.



The new coronavirus is known to spread through bodily fluids, but the focus has been on mucous from coughs and sneezes.
Dr Saichin Isipradit, director of Mettapracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing) in Nakhon Pathom, said this week a study had found symptoms of pink eye (conjunctivitis) in 0.8 per cent of Covid-19 victims.
“Tears normally leave the eyes through tiny openings on the edges of the eyelids,” she said. “The fluid then drains into the nose through little ‘tubes’ called nasolacrimal ducts.
“If a large amount of the virus enters the eyes, such as when someone sneezes or coughs directly into your face, the droplets could enter these ducts. Cases of airborne Covid-19 are rare – infection comes mostly from infected droplets.”
Avoid crowds, Saichin advises. Eat only healthy food, wash your hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, and never use someone else’s personal utensils.

Published : March 26, 2020

By : The Nation