Monday, February 24, 2020
Arts & Culture
Lisel Mueller, Pulitzer-winning poet who channeled history into verse, dies at 96
Feb 24. 2020
Lost Motherland (White Blood)
Chapter 1 of The Invisible Other to be held at Richard Koh Projects in Bangkok
Feb 24. 2020
A Scheme of Heaven
Photo by: Norton — HANDOUT
Book World: Why astrologers were the original data scientists
Feb 22. 2020
‘Whose reality is it?’ Jirawut’s new exhibition asks
Feb 19. 2020
Trouble Is What I Do
Photo by: Mulholland — HANDOUT
Book World: Five new thrillers and mysteries to help escape reality - or see it in another light
Feb 18. 2020
The Resisters
Photo by: Knopf — HANDOUT
Book World: Gish Jen's 'The Resisters' reminds us of the importance of standing up for what's right
Feb 18. 2020
Gallery 36 to hold 'Jardin Botanique' exhibition of artist Fuanglada
Feb 16. 2020
Japan plans to apply for UNESCO heritage for sake brewing
Feb 08. 2020
Why We Can't Sleep
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Book World: Why are Gen X women such a mess? A new book explores the many possible reasons.
Feb 08. 2020
Arguing with Zombies
Photo by: Norton — HANDOUT
Book World: Paul Krugman battles conservative 'zombies'
Feb 07. 2020
India to share treasures of its Northeast with Bangkok this month
Feb 07. 2020
Book World: Arthur Phillips shows that choosing a leader was no easier 400 years ago
Feb 05. 2020
Mary Higgins Clark, spinner of best-selling suspenseful yarns, dies at 92
Feb 01. 2020
Introspection II
Never-before-seen works by Val to go on display at Redsea Gallery
Jan 30. 2020
Pema Chodron
Famed Buddhist nun Pema Chodron resigns from Shambhala - cites community's lack of 'accountability' to alleged abuse victims
Jan 18. 2020
On an island in the Seine, in the heart of the ancient city of Paris, the land where Notre Dame would be built had been devoted to religious worship for centuries. In 1160, Maurice de Sully, a brilliant administrator, was elected bishop of Paris and almost immediately began plans for a large cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. To clear space for Notre Dame, other structures, including the cathedral of Saint-Étienne, were gradually dismantled. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post illustration by Aaron Steckelberg
The battle for Notre Dame: As the cathedral rises from the ashes, a tug-of-war is waged over its transformation
Jan 18. 2020
Guzheng adds magic to New Year in Bangkok show
Jan 17. 2020
“Golden Hour” photography exhibition radiates beauty of transience.
Jan 15. 2020
Beloved outsider artist Purvis Young left behind hundreds of paintings and a complicated legal case
Jan 14. 2020
Somtow treads dangerous ground with love story in Nazi death camp
Jan 13. 2020
Kingtun’s Big-head girl to raise money for cancer ‘Again’
Jan 02. 2020
Heritage destroyed: why the ASA is trying to raise consciousness of preserving our history
Dec 28. 2019
Siam Sinfonietta
Beethoven X to kick off December 17 with “Reverse Flashmob”
Dec 11. 2019
The Lahu people pick tea leaves
A nose for tea
Dec 11. 2019
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