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SATURDAY, December 03, 2022
K-Pop superstars GOT7 ready to entertain Thai fans via live stream 

K-Pop superstars GOT7 ready to entertain Thai fans via live stream 

FRIDAY, May 13, 2022

New concert organiser CM LIVE is bringing K-Pop sensations GOT7 closer to their fans in Thailand through “Homecoming 2022 Fancon”. 

This pilot project brings CM LIVE, a subsidiary of tech-event creator CMO Group, closer to its plan of becoming a full-service entertainment company.


Its aim is to bring well-known artists to Thailand as well as showcase Thai artists overseas. It also plans to have other entertainment-related businesses under its belt.

Kitisak Champatippong

Kitisak Champatippong, CMO Group's chief executive officer, said this GOT7 event was a great first step for CM LIVE’s journey towards becoming a full-fledged entertainment company because this K-Pop band is very popular in Thailand. Also, GOT7 is coming together for the first time in nearly two years, he said. 

CMO Group is well established in the event-planning industry and also rents out light and sound equipment. 

Meanwhile, the GOT7 event will be streamed live from Seoul’s SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on May 21 and 22 via the Kavecon platform. Tickets going for 1,180 baht are now available at ThaiTicket Major.