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FRIDAY, December 08, 2023

Elvis Presley's jewellery on auction with Priscilla Presley's support

Elvis Presley's jewellery on auction with Priscilla Presley's support
TUESDAY, August 02, 2022

A collection of jewellery which Elvis Presley gave to his manager Colonel Tom Parker, which went missing for over 50 years, has been reassembled and is ready for auction.

Two hundred items, including gold rings encrusted with jewels, cufflinks, watches and chains, make up the collection that was brought together by GWS Auctions. The provenance for many of the pieces was provided by Elvis' former wife, Priscilla.

She told Reuters "This collection, the Colonel's wife had, Loanne Parker. Loanne Parker passed and a certain person had taken it and kept it away and hid it for a while and we found it and because of that, it's all laid out and all exposed now."

Priscilla Presley says that the collection "brings back memories for sure." The bringing together of the collection was down to Kruse GWS Auction House CEO, Brigitte Kruse.

She said "That's why I like being with Brigitte here - because she does her homework and she finds out the history and I want people, fans, people who love it, know that it is authentic."

Although Priscilla Presley is very protective over the collection, she doesn't own any of it. However, she did design some of the items up for auction. She created the logo for TCB (Taking Care of Business), which was the name of the rhythm band which accompanied Presley in his performances.

There is also a 10-karat diamond TCB ring which Priscilla had designed but hadn't seen since it was made.

Presley says one reason she is supporting the auction is because she is sick of seeing fake Elvis artifacts being sold.

She said "Elvis, like I said earlier, loved jewellery. I mean, he wore it and he also loved giving it away and all these pieces that he gave to Colonel Parker, gifted him with, just show Elvis' love of having jewellery. We also have a big collection at Graceland as well, but to repeat myself, with this auction, I just want people to know it's authentic and not fake and not somebody else's, not bought and saying that Elvis had it, that this is the real deal."

The lots, which include the guitar Elvis played during his Comeback Special, go up for auction on August 27.