Monday, February 24, 2020
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Nonprofits are helping kids with innovative prosthetics
Feb 23. 2020
Lynda Holland, 71, suffered for six years from severe, unexplained hip pain until she fell while walking her dog and the pain inexplicably stopped. Doctors found that she had a rare condition that causes cartilage overgrowth in her hip joint. She had surgery and is now fine. MUST CREDIT: Family photo provided by Lynda Holland
Hard fall exposed unusual condition that had caused woman pain for years
Feb 23. 2020
Coronavirus incubation could be longer than 14 days; global infection numbers rise
Feb 23. 2020
Paul Harkin, director of harm reduction at GLIDE, hands out naloxone, fentanyl detection packets and tinfoil in an alleyway in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Nick Otto for The Washington Post.
Drug overdose deaths rise in the West while they drop in the East
Feb 22. 2020
File Photo
China’s foreign minister Wang to attend special Asean-China meeting on Covid-19
Feb 19. 2020
Susan Nasif, an expert on viruses and an artist, helps educate kids about vaccines with comics. In this one, she tells a story about poliovirus, which paralyzed thousands of people before a vaccine was developed. Polio cases nearly disappeared until some people avoided the vaccine. MUST CREDIT: Susan Nasif
Vaccines are like a giving your body's defenses a cheat sheet
Feb 18. 2020
File Photo of Diamond Princess, a cruise ship carrying 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew members that had been quarantined for two weeks off the Japanese port of Yokohama. Credit :Syndication Washington Post
Number of confirmed coronavirus infections in China exceeds 72,000, death toll rising to 1,868
Feb 18. 2020
Diamond Princess / File Photo credit: Syndication Washington Post, Japan News-Yomiuri
44 Americans on cruise ship docked in Japan tested positive for coronavirus, U.S. health official says
Feb 17. 2020
Most people now die at home, and care can be complex
Feb 16. 2020
Fears mount over new coronavirus case in Westerdam cruise ship thought to be infection free
Feb 16. 2020
File Photo/Syndication Washington Post, Bloomberg
Chinese health workers fall ill amid shortages of protective equipment
Feb 15. 2020
Ebola outbreak in Congo finally wanes
Feb 14. 2020
Rebecca ‘Frankie’ Mok and Matt Love, founders
The Nook: Love Frankie offers escape for mentally troubled young people
Feb 12. 2020
Move over, pot: Psychedelic companies are about to go public
Feb 11. 2020
Scientists hope antiviral drug being tested in China could help patients
Feb 11. 2020
Love in the time of coronavirus, quarantines and travel bans
Feb 10. 2020
As you age, strength training can be vital in staying healthy and independent
Feb 09. 2020
Hundreds of miles from Hubei, another 30 million Chinese are in coronavirus lockdown
Feb 08. 2020
Stanley Cohen, Nobel Prize-winning scientist who studied cellular growth, dies at 97
Feb 07. 2020
Diamond Princess cruise ship/Credit: Japan News-Yomiuri
Another 41 people test positive for coronavirus on quarantined cruise ship in Japan, health minister says
Feb 07. 2020
Photo by The Washington Post
Africa has 1.2 billion people and only six labs that can test for coronavirus. How quickly can they ramp up?
Feb 06. 2020
The Angel Hand set
Harnn allures with ‘Sign of Love’ Valentine gifts
Feb 06. 2020
Police guard a barricaded bridge from virus-stricken Hubei Province, which is under quarantine. A loudspeaker warns Hubei residents and vehicles that they may not enter. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Gerry Shih
Lockdown of Hubei province upends daily life along Yangtze River
Feb 05. 2020
Ten passengers infected with coronavirus on quarantined cruise ship with thousands aboard
Feb 05. 2020
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