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Only the Bravers

Jul 02. 2018
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By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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Thai celebrities were out in full last week for the star-studded premiere of the much-anticipated movie, “400 Nak Rob Khun Rong Palad Choo” (“400 Bravers”), Pai Roy Kor Production’s debut film, crowding into Siam Paragon’s Infinicity Hall before the screening.

Among them were the cast of the action movie, including Pornlert Pipatrungruang, who plays the main character of Khun Rong Palad Choo and Khwanjira Buakong, who portrays his wife Pikul. Also spotted were Payap Khamphan, the president of the Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Pisal Techawipak, Winravee “Ta Boyscout” Yaisamoe, Supakorn “Tok” Kitsuwon, Nanthasai “Tae” Visalyaputra, Jayjintai Untimanon, Saitharn “Tai” Niyomkarn, Watcharachai Sunthornsiri, aka Ant Mathamin, Chatchawal “Keng” Phetwisit, Vichan Meesom, aka John Bravo, Jaran Ngamdee, Jakkrit “Joe” Khacharat, Sornsutha Klunmalee, aka Taurae Chernyim, Chitisan Pongsuthachakrit, aka Chusri Chernyim and Seree Rungsawang.

“This is my first action film and I worked hard practising my moves with weapons. The hardest was working with an elephant, as I had no idea how to control it and never knew when it get close to me. It’s very dangerous as the animal kept using its trunk to strike me. So, really had to take care of myself, “says Pornlert, who is a khon performer and also a sword master with the Fine Arts Department.

Khwanjira concurs, saying she found the fighting scenes very difficult, even after three months of practice. “And the archery was really hard. Pikul is a skilled archer but I’d never done it before.”    

For the premiere, the hall was decorated Ayuthaya style and saw the actors and actresses dressed in traditional Thai costumes taking photos with fans, female vendors in full costume offering “khanom jeen namya” and “khanom jeen kaeng kai”, traditional desserts such as “khanom kong”, “khanom thong yod” and “med khanoon”, and healthy drinks. The event included the performances of “pleng choi” (Thai folk music) and the fine art of fencing.

Directed by Jetnipat Sasaing, the movie is based on a real-life Thai hero, Khun Rong Palad Choo, who gathered a group of villagers from Ang Thong’s Wiset Chi Chan district to form an army of 400 brave fighters to stand up against 8,000 enemy troops at Kui Buri. The great warrior is regarded as a role model for the younger generation. 

The idea for the movie came fromPayap Khamphan, a native of Wiset Chi Chan, and composer of the songs “Khun Suek Kwang Mueang Wiset Chai Chan Khun Rong Palad Choo” and “Nak Rob Niranam Khun Rong Palad Choo”. The movie aims to promote love and loyalty to the country, religion, and the king. 


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