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Polish metal band ‘Ready to Roll’ onscreen

Apr 01. 2019
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The Contemporary World Film Series 2019 will kick off at TK Park in Bangkok on May 18 with an intriguing title from Poland, “Ready to Roll. Exterminator” (“Gotowi na wszystko.Exterminator”).

 It will be screened at 4pm at Central World’s TK Park. 

The film depicts five devoted friends who shared a great dream when they were kids – to rock the Polish metal music scene and draw big crowds to their concerts as the band Exterminator. 

The band broke up and now its leader, Marcys, works in his father’s store and his relationship with Magda is in crisis.

Meanwhile guitar virtuoso Lizzy is a bank employee, bassist Jaromir, punches a time card at a polyurethane foam factory and struggles to live up to his responsibilities of head of a family, and drummer Makar is in a mental institution. The fifth member, Cypek, emigrated for financial reasons.

However, one day, old memories return. The mayor turns out to have been a great fan of Exterminator and promises to finance their reunion. But there is a catch: The guys have to betray their ideals and perform at a number of fairs, playing songs quite distant from their usual repertoire. 

Their male pride won’t let them compromise, and their long-standing friendship as well as their relationships with women will be put to a true test. 

The film created a wave at festivals abroad and was a big hit at home.

The screening is supported by the Polish Embassy, which will also pop for snacks afterward. 

Polish Ambassador Waldemar Dubaniowski will introduce the movie.

For reservations email and learn more at

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