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Ground control to J Jetrin

Jul 27. 2012
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By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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The 1990s heartthrob revives his astronaut persona as he celebrates 20 years of showbiz


Singer Jetrin “J” Wattanasin celebrated 20 years in the entertainment industry last weekend with four sold-out shows at Royal Paragon Hall.
“J20”, as the concert was dubbed, was also something of a reunion for other artists, who like Jetrin, made their names in the 1990s. His guests included Christina “Tina” Aguilar, Tata Young, Joey Boy, China Dolls and Ya Ya Ying, in addition to ’80s singer Too Direk, as well as Katreeya English plus Hun the Star, who came into the spotlight just this year.
Jetrin packed in hits from his three most successful albums – 1991’s “Jor Ae Bor”, 1993’s “108-1009” and 1995’s“Choola Choola” – all in the first half of the show.
Consequently, the second half fell a little flat even though the singer, who’s now 42, has released four more albums and is still very active in the world of pop. 
Thunderous screams of approval greeted the stage set, designed to resemble a spaceship base. Jetrin appeared on stage dressed as an astronaut and rode his jet ski through the night sky as he revved up with crowd with “Faak Lieng”, “Pramarn Nee Rue Plao” and “Ror For Ror”.
He then toned down the action with the sing-along ballads “Waew Ta” and “Kha Jai”, bringing his three original dancers, Ham, Tok and Moris to move on stage with him and introducing his three sons and daughter to the audience. 
Tata Young was the first guest and she drew screams and applause with her high-octane performance of “Sexy Naughty Bitchy” then removed her coat to reveal sexy black lingerie as she jammed with Jetrin on “Seventh Heaven”.
Jetrin was slung in the air and turned a few somersaults during the dance song, “Yung Na”.
Tina performed a medley of her dance hits before jamming with Jetrin on “Prawatsart”.
Once again, Jetrin chose to slow things down, performing a set of slow songs to a backdrop of shots from his music videos, including “Yam Muea Lom Pad Huan”, a TV soundtrack from 1994.
He reprised “Faak Lieng” with Hun The Star 8 before leaving him alone with a cover of Bie The Star’s “Jangwah Huajai” and his debut number “Bit”. But try as he might, Hun couldn’t win over Jetrin’s fans.
Too Direk, Katreeya, Ya Ya Ying and China Dolls followed in quick succession while Joey Boy jammed with Tata and Tina.
Jetrin closed out the show with “All I Wanna Do” and “Kep Man Ao Wai”.

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