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A taste of Taeyeon

Dec 06. 2018
Taeyeon captures the hearts of her audience as she croons ‘Gemini’.
Taeyeon captures the hearts of her audience as she croons ‘Gemini’.
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By Urisara Kowitdamrong
The Nation

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The South Korean star thrills fans with her soulful vocals and neat choreography as she performs back-to-back concerts in Bangkok

South Korean vocal queen Taeyeon jetted into Bangkok last weekend, filling Thunder Dome in Muang Thong Thani with her magical music in back-to-back concerts on Saturday and Sunday.

Underlining that she was indeed here, she chose to open both with the aptly named song “Here I Am”, dramatically emerging mid-air and gliding down to the stage with the help of slings to explosive cheers.


The vocal queen clings to a hanging fabric as she prepares to do some acrobatic moves during “Love You Like Crazy”.

Wearing a red dress, she shone like a goddess and her voice was as heavenly as you’d expect for such a deity. The audience was in awe, relishing the fact that the South Korean star was here once more. 

With her shows last weekend, Taeyeon goes down in history as the first female singer from South Korea to have successfully staged two rounds of a solo concert in Thailand. The concerts attracted more than 9,500 fans and many of them gleefully revealed that they had bought tickets for both shows. 


Fans light up the Thunder Dome with the official light sticks.

Most of the fans inside Thunder Dome were holding Taeyeon’s official light sticks in their hands too and thanks to the synchronised glows, they glittered beautifully inside the hall.

After finishing her first song, Taeyeon removed her scarf and danced sexily alongside her dancers in a stunning rendition of “I Got Love”.

She then took the excitement to a new level, jumping on a rising platform and showing off her powerful vocals on “Fire”.

The momentum continued with “Love You Like Crazy”, another tune from Taeyeon’s latest album, which saw her performing some acrobatic moves with hanging fabrics. 


The star goes for a sexy look as she performs “I Got Love”. 

After delivering four consecutive songs, Taeyeon officially greeted her audience in Thai, saying “Took Khon Kidteung Mai?” (“Do you miss me?”). The answer was an overwhelming “Yes” and Taeyeon was quick to add “Me Too”.

Taeyeon went on to say that her last concert in Thailand, which was held last year, got such a warm response that she kept hoping for a return to the Land of Smiles. 

And the South Korean star took note of the fact that her fans were waving the official light sticks across the concert hall this time.

To reward them, she sang “Something New” with her supporters happily crooning along.

The show then shifted to ballads, which showcased Taeyeon’s beautiful voice. Now attired in a white dress, the singer impressed her fans with “Do You Love Me” and “Rain”.


‘Circus’ by Taeyeon

The mood then shifted again with a set that included “All Night Long”, “Baram x 3” and “Stay”, which was performed in Japanese. 

Taeyeon then handed over the stage to her dancers, who introduced themselves and proudly presented their skills.

When Taeyeon returned to the stage this time round, she transformed herself into a professional dancer and showed her moves in “Holiday”, “All Night” and “Fashion”.

Her performances were complemented by dazzling laser shows and pyro effects, which reached a peak during Taeyeon’s rendition of “Why”.

A VCR then appeared on giant screens showing Taeyeon walking around a birthday party. When the clip ended, the singer returned to the stage in a cheerful lemon-coloured outfit to sing “One Day”, “Gemini” and “Secret”. At one point, the music stopped allowing the vocal queen to showcase her powerful and beautiful voice.


A rising platform moves the South Korean superstar up high during her concert.

Taeyeon then started talking with her fans again mentioning how she felt she had eaten some of the pyro effects. “Everything in Thailand is delicious,” she laughed, going on to thank the fans who sent her so many gifts.

With “One Day” the perfect song to celebrate a birthday, Taeyeon asked if any member of the audience was born on that day. With so many hands raised inside the hall, Taeyeon began walking around the stage to check if any fan looked serious about the claim. Finally, she noticed a man flying a banner that mentioned he was the birthday boy. And she stopped right in front of him, cutely singing Happy Birthday in both English and Korean for him.

The superstar then focused on her song list, performing “Gravity” and “Fine” before stepping onto the raised platform one more time to present “I Feel So Fine”.

As the lights went down, the audience started shouting for more. Taeyeon obliged, returning with “Time Lapse” as fans across the hall waved a message reading, “TY4EVA”, and formed the sign “(Heart Symbol) TY’s”

Impressed, the vocalist asked for a banner from a fan and emphasised that everyone in the hall should post the hashtag #TY4EVA on the Internet. She then made sure that she got her picture taken with her supporters inside Thunder Dome.

“I am so happy to meet you all here and I hope you are happy too,” Taeyeon shouted, before taking a seat on a hanging chair that was raised up high as she performed “Circus” holding the whole audience spellbound. 

Taeyeon wrapped the concert with a perfect “I” as paper streamers came down across the hall.

Waving goodbye as a moving pole raised her up high, the shining star disappeared from view.

It took a while before members of the audience started filing out, no doubt because Taeyeon’s charming voice continued to echo in their head. 


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