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The tunes you never forget

Mar 07. 2019
"Ruam Dao 18 Karat the Concert" on April 27 will be the first time that singers from two of the top-selling albums of the 1980s have united in concert.
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By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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All those dreamy duets from “Ruam Dao” and “18 Karat” will be recreated onstage next month

In an unexpected surprise, RS Public’s adhoc album “Ruam Dao” took Thai music fans by storm in the mid-1980s. It featured the top male and female singers of the time pairing off for duets on 14 classic Thai love songs.


The album’s title referred to a gathering of “stars”, and that’s what they were.

The male singers were all frontmen of pop bands – Ronnachai “Od” Thomyapariwat from Khiriboon, Suthipong “Chompoo” Watanajang of Fruity, Peerapong “Tom” Pholchana from Inthanil, Ophas “Od” Thosaporn of Brandy, Optic’s Thana “Oe” Sirichansawang, the Atlas’ Chanchai “Tum” Bunratanapailin, and Prawit “Sam” Prueangaksorn from Sixth Sense. 

The women all came from Puifai – Atcharapannee “Oe” Hannarong, Juthamas “Boom” Issaranukrit and Arida “Pak” Patchimapirom, plus Thawinan Kongkran. 


The duets were “Oy Jai”, “Mon Rak Dok Kam Tai”, “Nok Khao Khoo Rak”, “Rak”, “Thui Ja Thui”, “Joob Yoei Chan”, “Jud Tai Tam Tor”, “Nee Mai Phon”, “Damnoen Sai”, “Sak Khee Mae Ping”, “Ther Yoo Nai”, “Jai Chai Jai Ying”, “Bot Rian Korn Wiwa” and “Rak Khun Khao Laew”.


The album’s still around, but wouldn’t it be lovely to hear them all again live?

That’s what Tissanu Teeyanardtanancha thought. The actor with the stage name Khet Thanthub put his T-Group Holding (Thailand) on the job and organised “Ruam Dao 18 Karat the Concert”, which will take place in Hall 106 at Bitec in Bang Na on April 27.


The “18 Karat” part of the title alludes to another album of duets by that name, released soon after by Nithithas Promotions and equally successful. 


The album “18 Karat” featured Suthep Prayoonpitak, Tuangsit Riemchinda, Patchara Wangwan, Somprasong “Tum” Singhawanawat, Kamthorn Sornwijit, Niphawan “Kai” Thaweepornsawan, Forever’s Wirut “Dam” Sakulsappaisal and Sujitra “Poom” Inthraphakdi. 


The tracks included “Hua Jia Kookik”, “Raeng Rak”, “Jai Ther Jai Chan” from the soundtrack of “Fan Chan” and “Jai Prasan Jai” from the movie also titled “18 Karat”.


“It’s my childhood dream coming true,” Tissanu says of next month’s. “I grew up listening to songs by Phi Od and Phi Chompoo and even Tom Rainbow, whose music video for ‘Sing Sudthai’ I starred in. I think putting on this concert will be a onceinalifetime experience for me.”


His wife Natt Tuksaya says she thought “Khet”, as she calls him, was crazy when he told her about the double reunion concert idea.

“I thought, ‘That’s going to be hard, gathering all those artists from the albums ‘Ruam Dao’ and ‘18 Karat’ on the same stage. But I agreed with him, simply because it’s never been done before.”


Chompoo Fruity agrees, and recalls a fan misunderstanding that he and his wife Boom Juthamas sang on “18 Karat”. 

“Because both ‘Ruam Dao’ and ‘18 Karat’ were successful at about the same time, this is a good chance for all of us to perform together.”

Od Khiriboon is looking forward to it. 

“It wasn’t easy at that time for a cassette album to sell a million copies, but both these albums did it 39 years ago!”

Thawinan too is keen to take a memory stroll back to 1984, the year “Ruam Dao” was released. “The concert will take me back to the heyday.”

Suthep, one of the singers on “18 Karat” calls that heyday “a page from the history of Thai music”. 

“Earlier there was the era of Sunthraporn, but our era was ‘Ruam Dao’ and ‘18 Karat’. This is a great chance for the fans to see all the artists from both albums and two music labels on the same stage.”


Old Friends Are Best

- “Ruam Dao 18 Karat the Concert” will be held in Hall 106 of Bitec in Bang Na on April 27, starting at 6pm.

- Seats are on sale at and 7Eleven. 

- Find out more at (086) 381 9401, (083) 883 9347, Tgroupthai on Facebook and @tgroupmarket2 on Line.


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