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Woman dies, 42 sick from food poisoning

Sep 03. 2011
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By The Nation on Sunday

A 62-year-old woman died from severe food poisoning and 42 others in Sa Kaew's Khao Chakan district became ill and had to be hospitalised after they ate pork that was not properly cooked at a funeral, Khao Chakan Hospital director Adisorn Srisuriyasawat s

After some 20 people went to the hospital for diarrhoea, medical staff were told that people attending a funeral at Wat Na Bon ate spicy larb moo minced pork salad that wasn't properly cooked and got sick, Adisorn said.

An epidemic investigation team and Khao Chakan health personnel visited six villages and found 42 people were sick and 62-year-old Jan Maenpeun had died. They found the pork came from a pig that died while giving birth. Its owner had cut and distributed the meat to neighbours while some meat was cooked at the funeral.

They alerted related officials and community leaders about the outbreak and gave them information for prevention and aid, plus distributed packs of oral rehydration salts. Officials urged the severely sick to see a doctor. Officials also collected samples from patients for lab tests while livestock officials checked the pork and villages for possible animal diseases.

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