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3.7 million Thais have used drugs

Apr 19. 2012
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About 3.7 million Thais reported having used narcotic substances other than alcohol drinks and cigarettes, with 2.9 million saying they have taken the drug in the past year, according to Abac poll.

The poll sounding out public opinion about the missing pseudoephidrine-laced medicine said Thursday.

Of those who had taken the drugs, one million were in the northeast followed by the central region at about 700,000 persons, the North at some 500,000 persons, the South at about 300,000 persons and Bangkok Metropolis at more than 200,000 persons. 
Of those who had taken the drugs in the past year, 993,986 were persons under 24, while 1.9 million others were aged between 25 and 44.
The poll was conducted in 17 provinces by surveying 48,354,601 persons from March 15 to April 18, said Abac poll director Noppadol Kannikar.

It found that 75.8 per cent of all respondents thought the missing tablets were involved in the making of narcotics, whilst 24.2 per cent thought they weren’t related. 

Most respondents (65.7 per cent) said the drug-taking drug-dealing situations remained in their neighbourhoods, while 34.3 per cent said otherwise. When asked about their satisfaction with the government’s drug crackdown operations, 64.9 per cent said they were only slightly pleased and the government must improve whilst 35.1 per cent said they were quite satisfied to very satisfied. 
Comparing the anti-drug policies of Thaksin Shinawatra’s administration and Yingluck Shinawatra’s government, 41.3 per cent said Thaksin’s was better whilst 32.9 per cent said Yingluck’s was better, and 25.8 gave no comment.

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