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Govt wants to take over migrant labour

Jul 26. 2012
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The December 14 deadline for registration of illegal migrant workers will not be extended, because Thailand wants to change the system, with workers only being brought here via government-to-government contracts in the long run, Labour Minister Phadermcha

The minister cited agreements discussed in a meeting with President Thein Sein during his visit to Bangkok this week, saying Myanmar workers would be brought here via state agreements. The deals would last for two years but not exceed four years.

In regard to the deadline to register “illegals”, he said it had been extended many times but December 14 would be the final date.

Phadermchai said Thein Sein specifically asked for help from Thai authorities to make it easier for Myanmar workers to send money home, as well as getting skills and career training, plus better welfare, and protection from abuse by employers.


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