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Administration structure

Mar 22. 2013
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By The Nation

The Barisan Revolusi Nasional-Coordinate (BRN-C) is divided into three levels:


lDewan Penilian Party (DPP) is the top decision-making level, which controls armed fighters as well as political and foreign affairs; 
lDKP, or the management level, is divided into seven groups: youths, fighters, Islamic affairs, economic affairs, revolution, governing and foreign affairs;
lArmed fighters are divided into three groups: 3,000 RKK fighters, 30,000 youths and 300,000 BRN-C supporters.
The RKK fighting contingent is spread out over the three southernmost provinces: 
648 fighters operate under the leadership of Usman Jeh-ubong in Yala; 
1,728 operate under Muhamadbaiyadi Waseng in Narathiwat; 
864 stage attacks under the leadership of Haraning Taemamu in Pattani.

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