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The people, his family, mourn Supreme Patriarch's passing

Oct 25. 2013
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By The Nation

The Gajavatra family, into which His Holiness Somdet Nyanasamvara the 19th Supreme Patriarch of Rattanakosin was born, are in mourning following his passing on Thursday evening.
Mourners have made their way to his humble abode in Kanchanaburi to pay homage to him; giving a photo of him – set up next to a small alter against the front wall of his boyhood residents – a “wai”.
A niece, who is the daughter of the highly-revered monk’s young brother, Supha Gajavatra, said the family had always been proud of him. The sadness endured by the family is similar to when her father Jamnian pass away, she said, adding that the family had remained calm and understood his death to be a natural loss.
Born Charoen Gajavatra, on October 3, 1913, His Holiness became a novice monk at the age of 14 and was ordained into the monkhood at 20. As a young boy, Charoen was known to have a habit of making thoughtful remarks to parents and relatives, and showed an interest in sermons given by well-known preachers. 
Supha said she was especially delighted by alms-receiving ceremonies and events held in the province and elsewhere to commemorate his 100th birthday.
Supha said the family was able to accept the bad news of his passing because a sister had made regular visits to Chulalongkorn Hospital where the monk had been treated, and had kept the family updated on his treatment.
She said the family would today visit his official residence at Bovoranives Vihara Temple, where his body is currently residing.
His Holiness’ body was carried in a procession yesterday from the hospital to the temple’s location in Bang Lampu district. The route was lined up with mourners some of whom were dressed in black. 
A member of the Kanchanaluck family said he felt lost upon learning of His Holiness’ death. The man said his son had ordained as a monk at Yannasang Wararam Temple in Chon Buri under the late monk’s patronage; giving him a spiritual tie to the Supreme Patriarch.
Keyoon Chittayanant, a grandmother of 85, said she was grieved by his death and wished that his profound sermons were studied and followed by all Thais.

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