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Minister hears opinions over Akara gold mine in Phichit

Oct 10. 2015
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Industry Minister Atchaka Sibunruang yesterday visited Phichit and Phetchabun to follow up and gather information about a gold mine's alleged adverse impact on the health of locals.
In doing so she spoke to the mine officials, people opposed to the Akara Resources mine and those who support the area’s mining operations. 
Atchaka said she would assign central- and regional-level committees to study the issue and report their findings to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. 
Some 300 residents from Khao Jed Look, a tambon administrative organisation, yesterday submitted their demands to the minister. 
The demands include the evacuation of people who claim to be adversely affected by the mine, declaring the area around the mine a severe disaster zone and the implementation of remedial measures to aid locals.
They also called for the establishment of a committee to implement three former demands and for the mine to be closed.
Some 300 people including mine workers who support the mine gathered in front of Akara’s office to join the opinion-gathering event held by the minister’s team.
They said the mine had yielded many benefits such as job creation, improving locals quality of life and launching education projects. 

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