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Sasin MBA team sees world potential |for septic tank device system

May 22. 2016
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By The Nation

The Sasin MBA 2015 team has won numerous awards from new ventures competitions and is ready to enter the Indian market.
Sasin MBA 2015 newest venture team, Hygia Sanitation, with its cheap and effective water treatment system, has won many awards this year from business plan competitions around the world. 
Ms Asama Eu-Metheekul, one of the team members of Hygia Sanitation, describes the innovation as a plastic tank that is placed in home septic tanks.
The filter in the device would attract bacteria that would aid water sanitation. 
The valve of the device would prevent water from entering the septic tank and at the same time let cleaner water drain out of the tank, resulting in the prevention of water pollution from home septic tank systems.
Ease of installation, low cost, and operational effectiveness make this device ideal for the prevention of water and land contamination from septic tanks.
Ms Uametheekul said Hygia is now cooperating with the Thai Ministry of Public Health to install the device for people in the North and Northeastern Thailand, and with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to install the device in 11,000 homes in the Klong Huay Kwang community. 
In the first phase, the device will be installed in 20 homes for initial evaluation.
Many property developers, government and non-profit organisations have also expressed interest and enthusiasm for the system.
Outside of Thailand, an investor from India has agreed to market the Hygia system by mid-year. 
The Indian market is extremely large. Many of its people need to use a low-cost system of this sort to prevent water contamination. 
“It’s a social business that will help not only Thai |people, but also many around the world who need a water treatment system to prevent diseases from water |contamination,” said Ms Uametheekul. 

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