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Singer ignites a Twitterstorm with scathing comments critical of Thailand

Aug 03. 2017
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ANGRY, critical tweets by a popular teenage idol have apparently backfired on her carefully cultivated image.

Criticism of 19-year-old Suthita Chanachaisuwan, who is better known as “Image The Voice”, has been under so much pressure now that she has hidden herself from public view on the social media that is so crucial for young celebrities. 

Her Twitter account has been set as “protected” after her scathing comments about having to wait for a long time for public transport on Tuesday backfired. 

On her Twitter account S Finn @imageswift13, she tweeted on Tuesday:


“Frankly, you can’t even make sure buses and vans arrive on time on all routes. So how can you expect the country to prosper? Ridiculous.”

Who she was referring to as “you” was not explicitly identified.

She then wrote: “I am willing to work hard and pay more taxes if welfare in daily life improves.” 

Her tweets then became even more controversial as she wrote: “The sucking country. Even 50 years or 1,000 years from now, it won’t get better. Shoot me.”

As netizens re-tweeted her posts, however, it was not the poor public-transport system that garnered the most criticism as many deemed Suthita’s comments to be inappropriate. 

Belatedly aware that she may have harmed her image, Suthita deleted the scathing tweets – but apparently not in time. 

A large number of social media users had already seen the comments and expressed their own opinions that Suthita should have not attacked her homeland. 

Many people have written that Suthita should have thought about how she could help make things better in the country rather than venting her anger. 

Her critics have included high-profile figures such as actors Pasut “Art” Banyam and Pharunyoo Rojanawuttitham. 

A source close to Suthita has said the singer has felt very depressed because of the negative feedback her tweets generated. 

“She said she posted that out of anger. She had not thought carefully about it,” the source said. 

The source also said Suthita’s comments were not related to politics. 

Also on Tuesday, former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra delivered her closing statement at the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Position in the case in which she stands accused of negligence in the implementation of her government’s rice-pledging scheme. 

Some people have linked Suthita’s comments to politics given the timing. 

But not everyone disagreed with her comments. 

“It’s just that she may not know how to talk about problems. But aren’t the problems true?” another commentator asked. 

Netiwit Chotphatphaisal, a student activist, said people who spoke the truth in Thailand always had to pay a price. 

“We should be brave, just like Image,” Netiwit said. 

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