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Rescuers save young elephant caught in canal

Oct 18. 2017
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By Mongkonchaowarat Tangmangmee
The Nation

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A young male elephant was rescued on Wednesday after being stuck in muddy canal close to a national park for about 26 hours in Phitsanulok’s Nuenmaprang district.

The animal was pulled out of the water and onto the canal bank about noon. However, it appeared to be exhausted and just lay on the ground after having stood in the strong current of the canal for so long. Officials and rescuers kept villagers away from the elephant to make it feel more relaxed.

A vet treated the elephant with drugs and examined its body, finding no injuries. By later in the day the elephant was able to move its trunk, and raise its legs and tail from time to time, but could not stand up. Vets continued to keep a close watch on the animal.

The elephant was spotted in Chompu canal at about 11am on Tuesday. Villagers alerted police and officials of Thungsalangluang National Park. All authorities in the province, as well as civilian networks, joined hands to help the animal.

The elephant was believed to live in Thungsalangluang National Park where it may have become separated from its mother. It may have been pushed into the canal by flash flooding.

Attempts to rescue the elephant on Tuesday failed because of the strong current and the animal’s unwillingness to be helped.

However, the rescue was achieved on Wednesday when the animal was exhausted from being in the canal the whole night.

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